Build Website Layouts with CSS


interactive 💪 easy 8 hrs


interactive 💪 easy 8 hrs

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CSS Layouts Exercises

By @alesanchezr and other contributors at 4Geeks Academy

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Welcome to the CSS Layouts interactive tutorial, during this series of exercises you will learn and practice:

  1. Display vs Position
  2. Display: Flex property.
  3. Float property.
  4. Center Content.
  5. Sidebar Layouts.
  6. Using before and after.

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Local installation

  1. Install learnpack, the package manager for learning tutorials and the html compiler plugin for learnpack, make sure you also have node.js 12+:
$ npm i learnpack -g $ learnpack plugins:install learnpack-html
  1. Download this particular exercises using learnpack and cd into the folder:
$ learnpack download css-layouts-tutorial-exercises $ cd css-layouts-tutorial-exercises

Note: Once you finish downloading, you will find a "exercises" folder that contains all the exercises within.

  1. Start the tutorial/exercises by running the following command at the same level were your learn.json file is:
$ npm i jest@24.8.0 -g
$ learnpack start

Note: The xercises have automatic grading but its very rigid and string, my recomendation is to ignore the tests and use them only as a recomendation or you can get frustrated.

How are the exercises organized?

Each exercise is a small react application containing the following files:

  1. index.css: your CSS code goes here.
  2. index.html: your HTML code goes here.
  3. contains exercise instructions.
  4. test.js: you don't have to open this file, it contains the testing script for the exercise.


Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

  1. Alejandro Sanchez (alesanchezr), contribution: (coder) 💻 (idea) 🤔, (build-tests) ⚠️, (pull-request-review) 👀 (build-tutorial) ✅ (documentation) 📖
  2. Paolo Lucano (plucodev), contribution: (coder), (build-tests) ⚠️

This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind are welcome!